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Let's Talk Numbers



Let’s Talk Numbers


Over the course of the next four months you will be hearing a lot about numbers regarding the proposed new jail project.  I have read with great concern some of the figures that have been quoted by different individuals/groups that are not only misleading, but just plain untrue.


I will not dispute the cost to build is big…$7.8 million for a 94 bed facility.  That number is big by anyone’s definition.  But what it’s not is $40 million or even $15 million.  The fact is the county may not borrow funds exceeding $9.5 million. TOTAL! That is the maximum amount of the bond issue recently approved by the Quorum Court. 


In the next few weeks you will be reading about the current facility, why it has been deemed by Jail Standards as out of compliance and their intentions to close it if we, as a county, do not continue to make forward progress to secure a new facility.  You will be reading about the proposed new facility, hopefully have the opportunity to view building plans.  You will also be reading about the upcoming vote for a one-cent sales tax in March.


I urge each and every one of you to pay close attention to all the facts regarding this major milestone for Marion County.  As a citizen of this county, each of us will pay taxes to support law enforcement and to house prisoners.  It’s up to each of us to carefully choose our future and what is the wisest and most efficient way to invest our tax dollars. I for one would rather spend my tax dollars locally and keep my money in Marion County.