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Criminal Investigation

The Marion County Sheriff's Department's Criminal Investigation Division is currently staffed with five criminal investigators who have primary case assignments but are not limited to just those types of cases. The division consists of 1 captain/chief deputy; 1 lieutenant; 1 sergeant / criminal investigator; 1 sex offender officer;  and 1 narcotics officer. The Criminal Investigation Division is also assisted by the patrol sergeant; and all other patrol deputies as needed.

CID investigators work closely with the patrol division, other law enforcement agencies, and tips or information from Marion County citizens to investigate crimes. In the event that you should need law enforcement you should call 911 or this department directly. The responding officer will evaluate the situation and determine if an investigator is needed. Investigators conduct follow-up investigations; process and catalog evidence at crime scenes; submit evidence to the Arkansas State Crime Lab; prepare affidavits for arrest warrants and search warrants; interview victims, witnesses, and suspects; and perform many other related duties.

A bag filled with marijuana. Marijuana in a clear bag. A truck bed overflowing with marijuana plants. A truck bed filled with marijuana plants.
A large pile of marijuana plants. A marijuana plant. Several pills beside a package stating methamphetamine. A bag full of pills.
Several long white pills next to a clear bag. A clear bag with pills inside of it. Drain cleaner, an empty soda bottle, and a large number of empty medicine containers. A bottle of antifreeze, a jar, a sudafed medication package, empty battery package, and tissues.
Drain cleaner, an empty soda bottle, and a large number of empty medicine containers. Miscellaneous drugs and paraphernalia. A white substance in a small clear bag. A small bag with a white substance in it next to a sharpie marker.
A bag full of a white substance next to an older flip style phone. Several small bags filled with an unknown substance. A bag of drugs next to a drug testing kit. Numerous guns resting against a wall.